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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Respond to the Jesus Story Year

Way back in August we started a journey together, following the story of Christ from Genesis to Revelation.  With about six chapters left to go, the Jesus Story Year draws to a close at the end of May. 

Since we began, I’ve received scores of positive comments and quite a few notes from our members, as well as from people in other states.  On June 5th we’re planning a wrap-up and celebration of the Jesus Story Year.  If the Lord has spoken to you through this process, I’d like for you to share that with the rest of us.  Do you feel closer to Christ?  Have you grown in your understanding of Jesus or the Bible?  Has the Lord used this year to renew you?  If so, we have a few different ways you can respond. 

1) Write a note and tell us the Lord has done in you.  This can be a physical note or an e-mail.  Please send it to Fr. Thomas at the church office.

2) Volunteer to speak for a couple of minutes at the service on June 6th.  Only a few people will be able to speak, so let Fr. Thomas know specifically what you would like to talk about. 

3)  Volunteer to do a short video interview.  These videos will be on our website and our YouTube channel.  Once again, just let Fr. Thomas know you are willing to participate. 

Even if you don’t wish to respond in these ways, please plan to join us for our celebration during and after the church services on June 6th. 

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