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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Week 22: Christ at the Wedding in Cana

Story 22:  The Wedding at Cana

Sunday Readings
Isaiah 62:1-5
Psalm 45
Revelation 19:5-9
John 2:1-11

Further Reading and Meditation
Song of Solomon
Hosea 1-3
Matthew 22:1-14
Matthew 25:1-13
Revelation 21-22

Discussion Questions:

Feel free to use some or all of these questions in your cell group, Bible study, or with your family.  Some questions will need to be reworded or omitted for smaller children.

1) Do you have a wedding-related “horror story” you’d like to tell?

2) Have you ever been to great wedding?  What made it great?

3) How comfortable are you with the image of Jesus making large quantities of wine for people who have already been drinking quite a bit?  (You may want to take a look at Matthew 11:16-19)

4) Do you see Jesus as a joyful person?

5) In your experience, is Christianity a joyful religion?

6)  What would it take for you to live a more joyous life?

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