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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Week 16: Christ, the Promise Fulfilled

Story Sixteen:  Christ, the Promise Fulfilled
Listen to the sermon for this part of the story here.

Sunday Morning Readings
2 Samuel 7:4, 8-16
Psalm 132:8-15
Romans 1:1-7
Matthew 1:18-25

Further Reading and Meditation
Daniel 7:13-14
Micah 5:2
Zechariah 9-14

Discussion Questions:

Feel free to use some or all of these questions in your cell group, Bible study, or with your family.  Some questions will need to be reworded or omitted for smaller children.

1)  Today’s story is all about promises made and fulfilled.  What was the the most recent promise that you made?  Have you fulfilled it?

2)  In the Old Testament lesson, God promises David will always have a descendent on the throne of Israel.  Why did God give that to David and not Saul?  In what way did God fulfill that promise?

3)  Joseph is given a promise in this passage that he will have a son who will save God’s people.  How would you have handled this promise, and this situation, if you were in Joseph’s situation? 

4)  In what way is Jesus like his “father” David?  In what way is he like his “father” Joseph?

5)  What promise has God fulfilled for you?  What promise has God made to you that remains unfulfilled?

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