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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Take Home Guide for Week Eight: Christ Our Passover

Jesus Story Year,
Story Eight: Christ our Passover

Sunday Readings:
Exodus 12:1-14
Psalm 136: 1-4, 10-15, 26
1 Corinthians 5:6-8
Luke 22:7, 14-20

Further Reading and Meditation:
Exodus 1-15
2 Chronicles 30
Psalm 106
Matthew 26
Acts 7:18-36
Hebrews 11:23-29

Discussion Questions:
Feel free to use some or all of these questions in your cell group, Bible study, or with your family. Some questions will need to be reworded or omitted for smaller children.

1) Do you know the story of Moses’ life leading up to the Exodus (Exodus 1-15)? What are some of the most memorable parts of his story?

2) What part of the Exodus story do you find the most disturbing? What part do you find the most meaningful?

3) Have you ever been to a Passover meal? If you have, could you describe that experience? What most stuck out at you?

4) In what ways do you see Christ in the Passover story?

5) What does it mean to you when we say at Communion “Alleluia, Christ our Passover has been sacrificed for us, therefore let us keep the feast, alleluia.”

6) In Passover, God sets his people free. What has God in Christ set you free from?

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  1. Alright! I'm glad to see the study guides are back. Now, time to catch up. :-)