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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Take Home Guide for Week Eleven: David, Goliath, and Christ

Story Eleven:  David, Goliath, and Christ
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Sunday Readings
1 Samuel 17:1-11, 32-51
Psalm 9:9-20
Revelation 12:7-12
Luke 4:33-37

Further Reading and Meditation
1 Samuel, the whole book but especially chapters 15-20
1 Chronicles 11-29

Discussion Questions

Feel free to use some or all of these questions in your cell group, Bible study, or with your family.  Some questions will need to be reworded or omitted for smaller children.

1) The story of David and Goliath is one of the most familiar in the entire Bible.  What parts of that story are particularly memorable to you?  Why is this story so popular?

2) Saul was King of Israel, and one of the largest men in his nation.  What prevented him from going out and fighting Goliath?  Have you recently been in a situation like Saul’s, in which you needed to do something but you didn’t do it, or at least didn’t want to do it?

3) Over and over again, the New Testament refers to Jesus Christ as the “Son of David.”  This means that he is descended from David, but also that he is like David.  Thinking of the life of King David, what similarities do David and Christ share?

4) How comfortable are you with the idea that God gives David the power to kill a man?  How much does the violence of the Old Testament trouble you, if at all?

5) How comfortable are you with the idea of a literal Satan and literal demons? 

6)  What does Christ’s ability to defeat evil beings, both human and demonic, mean to you personally?  Have you seen Christ do this in your own life?

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